4 Core Servers

Quad Core Dedicated Servers

Quad core dedicated servers offer the best price to performance ratio. A quad core server is commonly used for custom applications and web sites with a medium to heavy load. They are also very popular and perform very well for game server purposes, as quad cores typically excel in single threaded performance. Most quad core servers also support virtualization and can be split up into multiple virtual servers or as an entry level VPS host.

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Dedicated Servers
CPU Speed
Price / Month
Hard Drive Type
Server Type
Server Server Type CPU Memory Hard Drive Setup Time Price  
Intel Core i5 4570
Intel Core i5 4570 Rapid Deploy 4 x 3.20 GHz 16GB DDR3 128GB SSD+2TB HD 10m $41/mo
Intel Core i7 4790
Intel Core i7 4790 Rapid Deploy 4 x 3.60 GHz 16GB DDR3 2TB HD 10m $48/mo
Intel Xeon E3 1240 V6
Intel Xeon E3 1240 V6 Rapid Deploy 4 x 3.70 GHz 64GB DDR4 1TB SSD 10m $95/mo