FreeBSD Dedicated Servers

Get a dedicated server with FreeBSD.

What is FreeBSD?

FreeBSD is a free Unix operating system which was developed from the Berkley Software Distribution, which was an operating system in use from 1977 through 1995. Unlike Linux, FreeBSD is a complete operating system with a kernel, device drivers, documentation, etc. Due to the open source nature of the OS, a large portion of FreeBSD code has become a part of popular operating systems like Apple’s OS X.

FreeBSD Dedicated Server

Why use a FreeBSD Dedicated Server?

> Stable
> Wide Open Licensing
> Thoroughly tested
> Efficient
> Handles high volume traffic effectively

There are number of reasons why you may choose to operate your dedicated server with FreeBSD installed. It is often described as one of the most stable and efficient operating systems in the Unix environment, which makes it a popular choice among ISPs and dedicated hosting providers. The OS has a long history in network devices and high traffic dedicated servers because of its efficiency in handling traffic. FreeBSD also runs on a large variety of different hardware platforms. The license arrangements of the FreeBSD Operating System are quite unique which attracts many users to it. The philosophy is essentially that users can do what they want with the code. The "Free" component essentially means that you can take the code and even charge for it, like what Apple chose to do with the software. FreeBSD also has a strict release period which means that features not ready for the release are left until the next one. Though its progress is incremental, a dedicated server with FreeBSD installed is a more thoroughly tested and stable operating system compared to Linux kernels.

FreeBSD Dedicated Server System Requirements

At a minimum, a dedicated server with FreeBSD installed, should have at least 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of free disk space, which makes it a good option in combination with our cheap dedicated servers. To have free space remaining, allow for 4GB in a command line environment, and 8GB in a GUI environment. You will need an increase in RAM and disk space to meet the requirements of the applications you wish to run on the OS. For complete CPU requirements, please see:

Is a FreeBSD dedicated server for me?

If you are looking for a stable, well controlled operating system with a wide open licensing philosophy, then a FreeBSD dedicated server might be for you. It delivers unparalleled device support, superior networking processes, and a cohesive operating system feel that you may not find in Linux kernels. The rigid development and release cycle mean that you are sure to be happy with the stability of your FreeBSD dedicated server. Make sure to specify that you would like to use a dedicated server with FreeBSD installed as your operating system and our data center technicians will be glad to install it for you with our managed dedicated server option. Our level 3 support techs will make sure your FreeBSD server runs smoothly after the initial install.