cPanel Dedicated Servers

Manage your web server with a cPanel dedicated server.

Save Time and Money with a licensed server from ReliableSite

ReliableSite provides cPanel dedicated servers for cost effective, complex deployments tailored for many business models from startup web hosts to businesses requiring ease of management in a secure environment.

cPanel Dedicated Server

Our dedicated servers are well equipped to suit all types of cPanel deployments ranging from single website servers to robust multi-website cluster configurations.

Save both time and money with a cPanel dedicated server. cPanel is capable of handling most tasks that a highly trained server administrator would otherwise have to perform.

cPanel introduces intuitive account management features that ease management for non-technical users, and expand on the experience of tech-savvy enthusiasts.

cPanel Ease of Use

cPanel software is highly compatible with a variety of open source applications, which ensures support for just about everything you need to run a successful dedicated server for your business model. Included are script installers, robust mail and DNS management features, ease of database management, and beginner guides – all within an interactive interface with hundreds of configurable options. Little experience is necessary, and straightforward navigation allows you to learn the environment at your own pace.

All Skill Levels Welcome

A dedicated cPanel server allows your websites to be online without having to know everything about administering a server. High speeds and a redundant connection ensures that your visitors will see your website during all hours of the day.

New web hosts can take advantage of the full power of a cPanel server with various tools such as WHMCS, Softaculous, Fantastico, CloudFlare, CloudLinux, and other integrated apps and software packages to offer a customized service to their clients; and create a substantial impact on the market that will reflect both in their business, and the initial lasting impressions they set for new customers.

Run cPanel on a dedicated server

Having a dedicated server ensures that you get to take advantage of complete system resources. All CPU, RAM, disk, and network on a dedicated server are entirely at your disposal without having to share resources with any neighbors. You'll have full control of your system with complete administrative and root privileges.

Get the most out of your dedicated cPanel server with dedicated server management from our level 3 technicians, so you don't have to worry about installing complicated software or handling difficult system tasks. Our team will handle all your kernel and OS updates, server hardening, optimization and 3rd party software installations. Our crew of certified Microsoft and Redhat technicians will even migrate you from your previous provider.

Enjoy reliable, enterprise grade support included with every server for hardware and network related issues to ensure maximum uptime and availability.

cPanel servers are portable, and can be installed on various environments derived from Redhat distributions or Windows (For the Enkompass versions). We provide dynamic configurations in hardware and various options when deploying your cPanel dedicated server. As you outgrow your dedicated server, we offer upgrades for RAM and hard disks/solid slate disks (SSDs) for most systems to keep your environment cost effective, and performing at peak capacities.

Get started today with a dedicated cPanel server provided by ReliableSite, and kick start your business with reliable hosting, a powerful control panel, and enterprise grade customer service that you can trust.