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Dedicated Server Review By Thomas Gullen

Dear ReliableSite,

We've been on your dedicated server for a short time now and I just want to say THANK YOU!

Our webmaster tools are showing our average page speed is reducing hugely as your servers are nice and fast! It's also a lot less volatile than our last host. Our uptime is also excellent, lots of consecutive 100% days.

I recently wrote a blog post comparing our site speed to our competitors
(table at bottom)

That blog post had 20,000 reads in 24 hours and the server didn't break a sweat!

Thank you for the awesome service! Was so close to going with a 12 month contract with 1and1 which would have probably been a big mistake! I love the fact we're not tied into any long contracts.


Tom Gullen
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Dedicated Server Review By Scott Anderson

I just ordered a dedicated server from you guys, and for some reason the server I wanted was not fully compatible with the operating system I chose.

The operating system was very important to me, so ReliableSite actually upgraded me to the next higher level dedicated server without charging me any extra. That is incredible customer support. I look forward to being a long-standing happy customer.


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Semi-Dedicated Hosting Review By Debbie F.

ReliableSite might get this all of the time, but we came from DiscountAsp as our first hosting provider. You guys have done a MUCH better job of support, services, etc. We have been overly happy with our switch!
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Dedicated Server Review By James S.

I purchased three dedicated servers (Supermicro barebones, Atom D510, 4GB, 500GB) from a little over a month ago. They were having a sell on these boxes and happened to be sold out at the time of my order, so I was given the option to either cancel my order or wait until the hardware arrived. I decided to wait it out.

About three days later, the servers were in but the provider was backed up and did not have the servers ready when I needed them. This would have normally been a deal breaker for me, but they handled the situation excellently and gave me the choice of either having them rush the installations for free or installing them myself. I chose the latter option, figuring that it would work for the best because I could set the servers up exactly as I wanted.

Their support set me up with three KVM sessions (using the Supermicro IPMI) and I was able to install the operating systems (FreeBSD) myself. One of the servers was in the wrong VLAN so I could not get any network connectivity, but support had it fixed within five minutes of me reporting the issue. Additionally, they connected all three of the servers together on a private 1Gbps LAN using the secondary NICs, free of charge.

I run many services on these servers, including Asterisk with a SIP trunk to BroadVoice and a dynamic SIP endpoint on my laptop wherever I'm at. My latency to the Broadvoice peer is just 2ms, and latency for the endpoints to my laptop in East Texas is < 40ms on various providers at all times.

So far, everything has been perfectly reliable. There have been no partial or full outages at any time, and the servers are always responsive with no indication whatsoever, at any time, of degraded connectivity.

I highly recommend this host as they take great care of their customers and work with them to meet their individual needs. Their network and power seem great so far and have not had any issues. This has been one of the best dedicated server leasing experiences I've had to date, despite the delay in set up.
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Web Hosting Review By Mike L.

After my former host began giving me "Service Unavailable" errors and failed to give a reason (which would later turn out to be as a result of too much CPU time on the server which also hosted other pages), I moved to Reliable Site.

Literally within 20 minutes I had my website transferred over and up and running, changing only the paths to the database. The control panel was easy to use and the email account creation process was a breeze. DNS settings were also easy to implement. The option to turn off virtual directories was also nice as in the past I had to email my host to do this for me - but not with Reliablesite.

The server speed was good, and no noticable downtime. The response time was very fast for any trouble tickets.

It has been a year later now (give or take a month)...

In almost a year the site has only been down maybe twice that I have noticed and for only minutes at the most.

In submitting a ticket for the website being down I was told only that the site was back up and running - no reason was ever given as to the downtime (was it my code or was it the server?)

Pro- A recent migration to SQL was very easy to do and the process was pretty flawless. There was a minor learning curve as to how to upload a SQL database which I couldn't find in the support area.

Pro- The site supports ASPUpload and ASPJPEG at no extra cost.

Pro- Access to daily logs via the FTP.

Con- There is a timeout after about 90 seconds for larger files using ASPJpeg. I've increased the timeout value and it persists. It's not a large issue but it is a bother for many of my users.

The price is great, bandwidth and disk space limits are great and the control panel capabilities are great.

I'd rate RS at about 8.5 out of 10 and would still recommend it to someone.
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Semi-Dedicated Hosting Review By Adam D.

I can't say enough good things about From pre-sales questions to why isn't this working questions they have been prompt and top notch support which has given me no downtime since I have switched our sites to them. Their pricing is unbeatable with the quality of hosting and service that comes with it. I have used their live chat to get a SQL issue resolved which took all of 3 minutes. On a service ticket that took a couple of days to resolve they followed up with me and kept me up to date on the progress of the service ticket. Which I have never experienced in my 10+ years as a web developer!

Kudos to I wish that I had found you years ago!!!
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Web Hosting Review By Rebecca G.

ReliableSite is a really good host. I moved over to them after using a really bad host that was down all the time and denied it as well as never sending emails about maintenance. I pay more at ReliableSite but it is definitely worth the extra money, more up time for clients. They are always very responsive to tickets as well.
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Web Hosting Review By Mihir D.

I had heard about RS from one webhosting forum. Here is my review of almost one year with

Things which I like about RS a lot
-totally customizable plan
-dotnetpanel as control panel
-email notification for all scheduled maintenance and hardware upgrades
-quick n prompt response from Radic (also best deals)

My previous host had asked me to move to dedicated or vps or buy some additional ram on their server (weird though) but the same website worked fine with RS. Not just fine, it worked great.
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Web Hosting Review By Michael D. has been a great host these past 13 months - wow it's been a long time! They have been able to answer most of my questions I send. Their response is generally very quick. I highly recommend ReliableSite to anyone looking for a 'real' hosting provider. Too many people go the cheapy way by going to $4.95/month providers to start their web design/hosting/developing business. I've tried it ages ago - I just ended up with a huge headache and loss of money. You get what you pay for is what I say.

For all you people looking for realistic reviews on RELIABLE and AFFORDABLE hosts, I think this is the place. I am a real person that doesn't work for ReliableSite. This is not a fake review. To prove that, check out some of the sites designed by me and hosted with my account at RS
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Web Hosting Review By Mike L.

Well it's been approximately 6 months since I joined Reliablesite.
I had been frantically trying to find a provider for my website after another ISP from Pennsylvania became too unreliable.

After uploading 40 megs of data to Reliablesite, I had to change only a few paths and voila!, everything worked.

After 6 months I have this to say...

- Never has the site been offline that I have seen and I was seeing 100% uptime reports from SiteUpTime which I had been using to monitor uptime. I no longer use it because I feel confident in RS's servers.

- Pages continue to load fast

- The ASPJPEG that is provided by Reliablesite works splendidly and I have no issue with users being able to upload and resize their images.

- Plenty of storage room, never will I come close to my allowable limit

- Response time to any tickets (I think 3 in 6 months due to my own concerns) have been responded to within 12 hours if that.

- I am able to pay monthly via Paypal or prepay, this is convenient and I receive monthly email reminders that payment is due

- The DotNetPanel is very easy to use and I've never had problems configuring the site (eg. ftp accounts, email, etc)

- No problem with advanced ASP fileobject commands such as creating folders, deleting files, extensive Access database queries that other sites might not allow you have.

I'm currently hosting two sites from the same package... quite satisfied with the service.

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Web Hosting Review By Robert M.

I've been using RS for just a little while now, but I know I like them. I searched high and low for a good windows hosting company, and I'm glad I found this one. They really have been extremely helpful, and their support's been top notch. Most (if not all) of the issues I've emailed them about have been settings or bug fixes I needed to change on my end, but they've been extremely courteous and helpful in helping me figure out those problems. I really enjoy this service.
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Web Hosting Review By Leo B

I set up a personal web account with about a year ago when I was taking an ASP.Net class. I did a lot of reasearch and was by far the best for the money for the features I wanted to use (ASP.Net 3.5, Sql Server database). I have had no problems for that year.
It has been a different story with my business account hosted by however. To make a long story short, Our business web site was down for a week and their customer service was terrible (They kept trying to blame me).

I switched my business web site this last week to (I should have done it sooner!) and the switch went flawlessly. I did have one problem with the email and customer support solved my problem in less than 10 minutes. I just needed to change the outgoing port from the default to another number. Qwest's best response on customer support email was 46 hours. Most of the time they just don't respond.

To top it off I saved over $200 a year.
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Web Hosting Review By Mike B.

I've tried a few other host and ReliableSite is definitely Reliable!!!

Fast, dependable support!
Great Prices!!!

There is honestly no reason to look anywhere else. Best of all they actually offer more free ready to go services than they tell you while signing up.. DotNetNuke, Joomla, CommunityServer, phpBB..and a few more.

No doubt the best find and fit for our company!
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Web Hosting Review By Stratos K.

Hello everyone. I've recently passed my first year with RS Hosting. And what I have to say to all of you that are looking for a hosting company is this< THANK GOD I FOUND RS!!! They are the best there is. Fast, Reliable, Prices are very very good, the control panel is great. And as for the customer support, I can only say this< Whenever I need them, they are there! 24/7! I never thought that I could find such professionals! They really love their work! If you are looking for a hosting company, you just found it!
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Web Hosting Review By Tore G.

Hi there!

I've been with a few different hosting companies using a small community server installation. I've had various problems with community server using a lot of resources. This quickly became an issue with the hosting at but they did their best to help me and get the site live again.

So thanks for the great support! It's quick and they solve the problems instead of putting all the blame on you for not knowing enough.

Tore Gustafsson, Sweden in Europe
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Web Hosting Review By Eoin C.

I've been with ReliableSite for over 6 months now.
Simply, I've never had any worries with ReliableSite - website is always up and running and have had no major problems.

The main thing, and this is the best part, is the support I receive.
Even when I'm stuck writing some code, and thinking that it's a switch in IIS, I ask Radic on MSN and he always clears up the problem for me.
I can always get a quick answer from Radic on MSN. He's helped me out, I don't know how many times, of a tight spot.

If Radic, as an employee of ReliableSite, is anything to go by, I would definatly recommend using ReliableSite to anyone.

Best of luck,

Eoin Cullen - Codeworks Software and Web Design Ltd.
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Web Hosting Review By Michael H.

When I first signed up in March 21,2008 I was very nervous about going with reliable. I questioned everything from their price to their quality. Here was a site that was giving so much for so little when top hosting sites for where asking so much for features like MS SQl 2005.

I decided to take a chance with reliable since I figured at most I will lose 5 bucks. This was my first hosting company I was with and my first site I ever put up(let alone my first .net site).

Within a few days I was already thinking I made a bad decision because lack of support that I receiving with my problems. This turned out to be because I choose a long weekend week and once the weekend was over my tickets started to be answered more faster.

Once my site was setup things have been going fine and I am now very happy I choose not only for the price but in the last 7 months I seen them refining their services over and over again to make it better and better.

They now have a better knowledge database that answers many of the questions that I had when I setting up my site that would have sped up my setup a lot faster. As far as the quality of answers from the support team go, they are excellent. The staff at reliable seem to know there stuff and I have not had one question yet they could not answer.

The feeling I get with reliable is that you are more then a number and that they actually care about you and even though they are still a businesses they won't rip you off like many other sites out there.

Before I found reliable I was happy to find a site that offered 150mbs of MS SQL 2005 in a package for $10/month.

Here at reliable you get a GIG of MS SQL space included in your price for $5/month. This is unheard off.

Look at the so called best hosting site

First you have to pay $10/month for just the basic package that does not include MS SQL 2005 in it. If you want that add-on your paying an extra $5/month for 500mb of space(half of what reliable gives your for free).

Don't worry though discount offers extra space if you need more. It only costs $5/month for an extra 50mb of space......

So to just get the same amount of space that is given to you by reliable it would cost $70/month.

This is why I love reliable so much they don't drain your for every nickel and dime you got they give you fair prices that benefit both the company and you.

My Ratings

1 - worst 5 - best

Bang for your buck- 5
Customer Service- 4
Reliability(how often does the servers go down)- 4.5
Over All Quality- 4.5

What I would like to see from reliable.

1. Add subversion Support.
2. Email promotions to existing customers(I would have loved to get the free dot panel upgrade and get rid of the helm).
3. Email notification of when servers go down(this way I can stop adwords immediately)

I look forward of having a long relationship with reliable.
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Dedicated Server Review By Durlabh J.

I've been with Reliable Host since last 4 months or so and so far far, I'm thrilled! Radic has been great in terms of support - almost instant in day time. Speed is great too. Already we have 3 of our clients moved to Reliable Site and they are happy too!
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Dedicated Server Review By William B.

For the last months, I was searching for a good web host. I went to so many companies and it was always really depressing that they weren't any good web hosting companies around. When I found RS.Net, their website got me into signing an account. Now, iv'e been a customer for more then 3 months now, their support is really the fastest I ever had and I never experienced anything "frustrating" with I'm currently developping a new website and you can be sure it will be hosted @!
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Web Hosting Review By Pat J.

I've been through about 4 other low price ASP .NET hosting companies over the last 3 years or so...none even come close to the value and service that offers.

It is so refreshing to be able to IM Radic or other staff members and get truly instant support. Most other hosting companies have only paid lip-service to "online chat" was never active!

And now to have Windows Server 2008 and the new control panel where I can backup my own databases, zip and unzip just got even better!

Thanks guys!
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Web Hosting Review By Jerry B.

I have been a customer with for over 6 months now. They have exceeded my expectations in all areas of hosting. I don't think I have ever had any downtime. Ever questions or ticket I have submitted has been answered almost immediately. I highly recommend!
ReliableSite Dedicated Servers
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