July Sale
Dedicated Server Deals

Some of the best dedicated server deals are available during special clearance events. We offer great discounts on dedicated servers and addons for many of our most popular configurations. Stock on dedicated servers is limited and sells out quickly! These servers cannot replace existing service. Discounts are for the lifetime of the server.

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Dedicated Servers
CPU Speed
Price / Month
Hard Drive Type
Server Type
Server Server Type CPU Memory Hard Drive Setup Time Price Coupon
Intel Core i7 4770
Intel Core i7 4770 Rapid Deploy 4 x 3.40 GHz 32GB DDR3 2x1TB HD 10m $69/mo
Intel Core i7 4790
Intel Core i7 4790 Rapid Deploy 4 x 3.60 GHz 32GB DDR3 256GB SSD 10m $73/mo
Intel Xeon E3 1240 V5
Intel Xeon E3 1240 V5 Rapid Deploy 4 x 3.50 GHz 64GB DDR4 512GB SSD+2TB HD 10m $119/mo
nVidia Quadro K1200
nVidia Quadro K1200 Rapid Deploy 4 x 3.30 GHz 16GB DDR3 2x256GB SSD 10m $109/mo
Intel Xeon E5 1650 V3
Intel Xeon E5 1650 V3 Rapid Deploy 6 x 3.50 GHz 128GB DDR4 2x1TB SSD+2x2TB HD 10m $189/mo
Dual Xeon E5 2603 V3
Dual Xeon E5 2603 V3 Rapid Deploy 12 x 1.60 GHz 64GB DDR4 4x2TB HD 10m $139/mo