Dual Core Dedicated Servers

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Dual core


Dual Core Dedicated Server

Dual core dedicated servers are affordable entry level servers. These servers can be utilized to run tasks that require a light to medium load. Dual core servers offer a great alternative to virtual private servers for customers who need a platform with increased stability and predictable performance. Dual core servers are often used as web servers in conjuction with Linux for a LAMP setup or Windows for a WAMP or IIS based setup. These servers can also be used to run custom applications in a Linux or Windows environment.

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Dual Core Server

Server CPU Memory Hard Drive Port Operating System Price Setup
  • Intel Atom D510 4 x 1.66 ghz 4GB DDR2 1 x SSD/HDD 10 TB 1 Gbps Dedicated $59/mo 12-48h
  • Intel Atom D525 4 x 1.8 ghz 8GB DDR3 3 x SSD/HDD 10 TB 1 Gbps Dedicated $69/mo 12-48h